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It’s important for you to know how take care of your braces properly throughout your entire orthodontic treatment at Ste. Marie Orthodontics.

How do I eat comfortably with braces?

Orthodontic treatment should have very little effect on the types of food you can eat. You should be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner foods without much concern. However, you should consider how you bite into food. This means cutting food into small edible pieces and avoiding tearing (incising) food. Some foods tend to hang around in braces a little longer than others do. Things like lettuce tend to get stuck in braces, so after eating leafy foods, always check your braces for lingering lettuce!

What to Avoid

Avoid foods that require heavy chewing, like beef jerky or hard pizza crust. Dr. Ste. Marie bonds every brace with the best adhesive. However, heavy shearing forces caused by hard, chewy foods can cause braces to come off. This is a problem that can cause increased time in braces and extra visits to our Lafayette or Opelousas orthodontic office. Always avoid ice and hard candy. These things will definitely cause breakage.

We also recommend avoiding sugary foods and beverages throughout treatment. This is the most common cause of poor orthodontic results. Staining of the teeth can still occur if consumption of sugar is not monitored.

How do I take care of my braces?

Your best insurance policy for a great result is good oral hygiene.

Home care for braces will differ a little compared to teeth without braces. Brushing should be performed three times per day and flossing should be performed once per day. Brushing techniques should be focused on cleaning the gum line. This is a commonly missed area. Focus on positioning your toothbrush to reach these areas. Dr. Ste. Marie also provides proxy brushes so you can clean the area under the wires.

What happens if my braces cause me pain?

Some discomfort can be anticipated in the initial stages of orthodontic treatment. This can be minimized with over-the-counter pain relievers. The discomfort may last two to three days after an adjustment and subside very quickly. Dr. Ste. Marie is always available should you experience any discomfort.

What happens if a bracket breaks?

If a bracket breakage occurs, the best thing to do is avoid the area. Do not try to “fix” the problem. Do not try to remove the broken appliance. Call our Lafayette or Opelousas office or Dr. Ste. Marie. We will give you instructions to alleviate the problem until you can get to the office.

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