About Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is a biological process. Tooth movement occurs as a result of pressure or tension applied by orthodontic appliances. Dr. Ste. Marie uses orthodontic appliances that produce low consistent forces to the teeth. This produces safe tooth movement and higher rates of movement velocity.

Do you need braces?

Typically, your dentist will advise you on the need for orthodontic treatment. However, at Ste. Marie orthodontics, we encourage anyone in Lafayette/Opelousas and surrounding areas to schedule a complimentary consultation to understand your orthodontic problems.

Length of Treatment

Many factors determine treatment duration. Case complexity, age, and goals of treatment are factors that Dr. Ste. Marie uses to estimate duration of treatment. Case complexity is determined by the number of orthodontic problems presented by the patient. Younger patients typically will experience faster tooth movement, when compared to similar adult cases. Finally, the goals of treatment will play a role in treatment duration.

At Ste. Marie orthodontics, we can present multiple treatment options. Not all orthodontic problems need to be addressed. In other words, Dr. Ste. Marie can provide a treatment that addresses the patient’s concerns. He will inform the patient/parent of all orthodontic problems, at which time treatment duration and scope of treatment can be determined.

Frequency of Visits

The frequency of appointments at our Lafayette or Opelousas orthodontic office depends on treatment. At Ste. Marie Orthodontics, we strive the minimize orthodontic visits by using more efficient orthodontic procedures and practices. When using braces, appointment frequency is approximately six to eight weeks. Orthodontic aligners (Invisalign®) require less time at the orthodontists office. Typically, Dr. Ste. Marie will see aligner patients every eight to ten weeks.

Why choose Ste. Marie Orthodntics for your treatment?

Dr. Ste. Marie has been successfully treating patients in the Lafayette and Opelousas areas since 2002. When you become our patient, you become a part of our orthodontic family. Dr. Ste. Marie has a laid- back style to his treatment. He doesn't want patients to feel like they're undergoing a medical/dental procedure. He and his staff create an environment that feels like you're amongst friends. Come in, kick back, and enjoy your visit!

Dr. Ste. Marie also fabricates his own aligners (Str8liners). He is the only orthodontist in the Lafayette area providing this service. We are a one-stop aligner treatment center! No outsourcing of aligner fabrication means lower cost for patients. No middleman means better, faster results. Since the aligners are produced and fabricated in the office, there is no need to converse with an outside lab. Aligners are made correctly the first time and there is no need to clarify goals to another person.

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