Super Kids Club

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Token Program

We are excited to tell you about our Token Program. Successful orthodontic treatment depends on patient cooperation and Ste. Marie Orthodontics rewards you for doing your part! We have great prizes you can earn with your earned tokens. Remember, if you wear your Ste. Orthodontics t-shirt – you earn double tokens.

You will have lots of chances to collect tokens. The tokens are earned by being to your appointment, at least 15 minutes early, brushing well, and by not having anything broken.

Token Program Guidelines

One for each of the following

  • Have clean teeth and healthy gums
  • Being 15 minutes early for your scheduled appointment
  • Nothing loose or broken
  • Earn double tokens for wearing your Ste. Marie Orthodontics t-shirt

Token Program Rules

  • Tokens are only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Emergency visits do not apply.
  • The number of tokens you earn at each appointment is up to you.
  • The prizes change from time to time. Not all prizes are always available.
  • Your tokens are your responsibility. The tokens are just like money. If you lose them, like money, they are gone.